Tides might be finally turning in the housing market

If you've been watching the inventory like we have over the past year, we've gone from the hottest seller's market in history to a major cool-off period here in June. Buyers are beginning to have reluctance with paying top dollar at this point in the game and new sellers that got into the game late are starting to notice. If you jump on Zillow and look at the properties listed some are tending to hang on longer than they were before. We also are noticing a price cut on many in the last 30-60 days where the homes prior weren't lasting past 1 week going over asking. 

If you're a buyer looking you may notice your time is coming and some sellers might start to get nervous as they were expecting a quick sale like their neighbors. Their delay in jumping in might end up being a tough choice they shouldn't have waited to make. What are you noticing in your area? Are the houses selling still hot? Are buyers still having a difficult time having a competitive edge, or are they seeing some fairness at the negotiation table finally?

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